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(P.S. I placed this order before I posted that I want to try being minimalistic regarding my purchases. Clearly, this was opposite to it lol.)

Today's post is about my colourpop order and the delivery hassle. The colourpop official website was having free international delivery. So naturally, I HAD to place an order. I really did not need nor want anything from colourpop but the free delivery offer was too good to be missed. (spoiler alert: it wasn't)Because I did not really want anything from there, I browsed the website and picked up things that I like.
Before getting into the actual products let me talk about the delivery. Oooh man, where do I really start. First of all, it took a really long time to arrive and to my utter surprise instead of seeing the package on my doorstep I recieve a letter that I need to pay customs. That too of almost the price of my order. I was clearly disappointed. I was deciding whether I would pay customs or just let them cancel my order (either way, I was not getting my money back). In the end, I just decided to pay the customs and swear to myself that I would never place an international order again.
So here I was paying the double of what the things cost.

For all the reasons mentioned earlier I was put off my whole colourpop order and was not very excited upon actually receiving my order. 

The things that I picked up was the 'just peachy' trio. The 'black n brown' eyebrow pencil and a free mini lipstick in 'dopey'.

I did not like the brow pencil thing that much, cause it is not as waxy as I would like it to be. It needs a little patience to work with it. But was not bad. 
The Peachy trio was good, I loved the formula of the satin shade a lot. 
It is funny how my most favourite thing of this purchase was the item I got for free? It is the dopey shade in the mini size! 
I will provide you with more in depth review after trying these for a while. For now this is all I have. I have some swatches of the lippies below!

(with flash)

L-R Speed Dial, Screenshot, Instigator, Dopey

(without flash)

if you have any questions leave them in the comment section

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