6 Ramadan Goals | 2017


I debated a lot whether I should write this blog post or not. I decided to write it because, in a way, I am helping myself by writing all my goals down. It will help me to stay accountable. Also, it may help whoever reads it.

This is going to be a mix of spiritual as well as health and wellness. As Ramadan acts as a mental and physical detox for me.

These goals, I will try my best to achieve all of them and stick to them as well as possible. But, at the end of the day, I am only human. If I remember correctly someone wise once said: "to err is human".

So, here are my goals.

  • Finish the Quran (as many times as I can)
This one is always on my Ramadan Goals list. Pretty self-explanatory.
  • Learn the names of Allah
I can't be sure if I will be able to learn all of them but I will try my best. 
  • Talk as little as possible while fasting
This one is going to be the hardest. But by talking less, I will increase my chances of not swearing or talking about irrelevant people or things. Or get into useless arguments with others.
  • Forgive and forget
Basically, what this goal is that I will forgive the people who have hurt me. I need to be better at letting go of grudges. It is defintely not going to happen overnight. As a first step I will slowly stop thinking about the ways in which they wronged me. Instead, I will spend that time thinking about other things that has nothing to do with them. Just that, I am not going to invest my precious time and energy into someone that I do not care about. To put it simply, I won't talk about them and think about them.
  • Stay hydrated
This one is so important. Every Ramadan, I do not drink enough water and my body suffers. We need to drink more water, more often than we are used to. It will provide us with more energy whilst we are fasting and will help us be less lazy.
  • Sort out my sleeping schedule
Every Ramadan, I sleep until Zuhr. Sometimes I miss Zuhr or pray it at the last minute. Which indeed is very shameful on my part. This Ramadan I am not going to let that happen (I say that as I sit at 5 am writing this blog post)

So, well that is it for my Ramadan Goals. If you made any Ramadan Goals please leave them down below, I would love to know about them. May all of you have a peaceful Ramadan.

Thanks for reading!




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